THE HUMAN GATHERING is a catalyst for authentic human connection and conversation. Our community believes in leaving a mark on the world. We are driven by something greater than a mere desire to flourish.


Who is this event for?

THG is attended by seasoned Business Owners, C Level Executives and Accredited Investors who are focused on growth, scale and global impact.


Why is there an application?

Our team puts just as much effort into who is in the THG audience, as to who is on the THG stage. Thus why we vet every attendee.


Are the “Guests” speakers?

Our Guests are today’s leaders in business, technology, entertainment, philanthropy and the arts. There are no keynotes at THG. Every guest engages in a conversational style interview with both the host and the audience.


Where is THG held?

THG is held at Neuehouse in Los Angles, CA.


How long is the event?

THG is a three-day gathering. Starting each day at 9am and ending each day at 6pm. Each evening will have different networking opportunities beginning at 6:30pm. A full itinerary will be posted shortly.



A HUMAN PROJECT is a 501c3 organization. Their mission and more information may be found at www.ahumanproject.com

If you have further questions please email us.