Wes Chapman

“We must understand that the noise in the world now is a battle cry for humanity trying to find its worth.”Wes Chapman

We are honored to have our Director Wesley Chapman conducting the interviews on stage with our guests at THE HUMAN GATHERING. Wes has been working around the globe in riding the world of dysfunction for the past 11 years.

Wes’ Biography


Abandoned by both parents, abused, forgotten and diagnosed and to never amount to anything of value – this was the foundation of Wesley Chapman’s self-worth.


Despite such horrifying beginnings, Wesley grew up to found successful businesses and work with some of the largest, most respected brands in the world.


Companies like Apple, Verizon and Harvard University have looked to Wesley for guidance and innovation in branding, marketing and sales. It was only through Wesley’s unique ability to create and shape his own self-worth that he was able to achieve such remarkable accomplishments.


Wesley is the founder of A Human Project, an organization that empowers youth to learn how to create their own self-worth and rise of their circumstances.